Thursday, September 29, 2016


Have you ever seen something you liked and passed up on buying it because of the price tag? If you've done that before, that makes two of us. 
In this post I'll show you some of the things I want to purchase that look just like the expensive version. I did my homework and found exact or similar looking items for a more affordable price.

Many times we something on social networks that make us think "wow I want that." We look it up and see the price tag and immediately get bummed out. It's always good to shop around so you can save some money and have that extra for something else. I'm the type of person that likes expensive items in my home but also not over the top expensive. Like I've mentioned before, I love to change up the decor in my home constantly. I get bored of the same thing or it's just not in style anymore. 

The following options are great if it's something you're looking for. Let me know what you think and if you want to keep seeing posts like this one. I will post whats currently in style and costs a fortune with my version of the look for less. Not a bad idea right?

$2595 Salvaged Wood Trestle Rectangular Extension Dining Table

$699   Arcadia Extension Table

$26.99  Glass table Lamp with Touch on/off  Pillowfort

$3,295  Carmen Chandelier
$1915  Carmen Chandelier
$1288 Square tufted Linen Limed Grey Elm Coffe Table Ottoman
$420.99  Creston  (Beige)  Linen  Tufted Ottoman

Leave me your comments on what you think! I love to converse with you guys on what I've written. 
Until next time.


  1. I own the Crested Tufted Ottoman from and I love it! It's actually more a light gray than beige.

  2. Love this, thank you!Hoping for more similar posts!

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