Friday, May 6, 2016


I want to start off by saying welcome back to my blog. If this is your first time, welcome and I hope you enjoy it! 

This post will be all about how I started incorporating the color pink or better yet blush in my designs. Never did I think that my house would be pink all over. Even though I love the color pink, I didn't want my house too look too girly. 

Boy how I started using pink in my house! I used Pink and floral covers which you can find Here. It's a good idea to buy covers for your pillows because when you need a change all you do is change the cover and you're set! 

When I found this bench in the color pink, it was like seeing angels in the sky. I loved it since the first time I laid eyes on it and I decided I needed it for my home.
It was a little bit of a risk as it was pink and I've never had pink in my home interiors. But just like they say, live in the moment and don't worry about tomorrow.

I'm in the process of upholstering my chairs with a pink floral fabric which I'll show you in another post. 

I don't have a lot of pink, but with my flowers which are either tulips or peonies, my house looks ready for summer.

I hope you like it and enjoyed it and comments are always welcome! If you have any questions feel free to ask I would be more than happy to answer! 


  1. Kathy Beltran *lovefabdecorMay 6, 2016 at 9:17 PM

    I absolutely love all your pink accents! Everything you do is exquisite!

    1. Awwww Kathy, you make my day :-) thanks you.
      I'm glad you like it.

  2. I'm a new reader and just love your pink and black. May try it in my bedroom.

  3. Gorgeous. So visually interesting.

  4. Where did you get the bedding? I didn't think I would love pink in the bedroom but I love it!

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  8. God I love your House... God bless your creativity. I am in the process of furnish and decorate my living room and I don't how or where to star. I love love love everything that you show Us.

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  12. Thanks so much. I was looking for a way to think pink You have shown me how to use colorful pink throw pillows for a decorative accent. Thanks for the assist.

  13. This post will be regarding the way in which I began fusing pink or even better blush in my plans. Never did I imagine that my home would be pink everywhere. Despite the fact that I love pink, I didn't need my home also look too silly.


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