Monday, July 27, 2015


Happy Monday to everyone! I'm very excited to be able to show you my finished project. A lot of you have already seen my office before, and many said I didn't need to redecorate. As soon as I saw TEMPAPER wallpaper, it was love at first sight and I knew it was perfect for my little office space.
I am a member of a group of talented bloggers named Bay Area Home. We got together and did this project specifically for TEMPAPER.
Be sure to check out the rest of the ladies and see what they did with TEMPAPER.

Crazy Chic Design
2 Ladies and a Chair
Design by Laila
Happy Happy nester

Tempaper is super easy to install. At first I thought that it was going to be difficult putting it up on my own. My husband was telling me to not put it up myself and that he would help me. But with all his work and some traveling it was impossible to get it done and I decided to do it myself. So one day I decided to get started on it and if I couldn't do it, I would have my husband finish it. That day I got the biggest surprise, it was incredibly easy to install! I started and finished in only 2 hours.


*We always recommend 2 Peoples for the job

*Apply to a wall that has a satin /semi gloss painted surface. If you apply to a wall painted in a matte finish you can run the risk of Tempaper adhering to the wall and upon removal taking some of the paint off of the wall

*Stay away from textured walls (orange peel is the most texture we recommend you apply it too). Having texture on the wall will cause air to get behind the product and it will not adhere properly.

*Make sure you have all of your tools before you start (see recommended tools on customer service page)

*Give yourself time

* It is NOT recommended that it can be re-used

*We do recommend overlapping the paper just a bit from panel to avoid splitting seams in environments that can be subjected to temperature variances.

*Key words: Self-Adhesive. Temporary. Removable. Eco-friendly. Vinyl. VOC-Free. Phthalate-free. Lead free. 100% made in the USA. Tempaper is WBE Member (Just certified in May- yay!!) 

I loved the GOLD LEAF PEONIES  because of the gold. The color was going to give my office some much needed light. They also have it available in silver. My office has so much light now, I love working in there. Now it's one of my favorite rooms in the house. After the TEMPAPER was installed, I went straight to HomeGoods to buy everything necessary to fill up the giant bookshelf.

This is my office before. It wasn't bad but it needed some light and something to give it life. The zig-zag is not wallpaper, it's paint. As you can see, the difference is tremendous. It's amazing to see what some wallpaper can do. I was incredibly happy with the end result.

This desk was bought at Ikea a long time ago. The top part was brown and since I wanted more light in my office, I painted it white. I spray painted the metal sides gold to give it a major impact. The cabinets were painted white and I wanted something different. I opted for a grayish blue color.

This chair as you guys had seen in my last post, was refurbished just for this project. I don't know how to explain it, but I am able to see in my head the end product of my ideas before I finish them.
It's like decorating in my head and see it all finished.




Desk: Ikea Usa
Garden Stool: HomeGoods
Bookshelf: Ikea Usa
White Frames: Ikea Usa
Get it Girl Print: Charm and gumption

Hello Darling Print: Always lou designs

I choose Fabulous Print: HomeGoods
Gold box : Home goods
Clear pear : HomeGoods
Black Plate and Stand : Kate Spade & Tory Burch
Magnifying Glass : HomeGoods
Phone : garage sale
Gold Frame : Garage Sale
Lamp : Target  (3 years ago)
Yellow Pillow : From my Shop
Knobs : HomeGoods
Bow paper clips : Kate Spade
Rug : Ikea Usa
Cabinet color : French Silver ( from Behr )
Basket : HomeGoods 
Wrapping Paper : HomeGoods



  1. Please tell me you need a NY intern lol. This is always my favorite design blog. I love your style so much.

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments. If one day I decide to have an intern your definitely my first choice 😉 I'm so happy to hear you like what I do, I do it with lots of love!

  2. I'm obsesses with black walls and with wallpaper! But I promised my husband we would stay neutral until we build. Love to live vicariously through you fun decorators!

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments. And Thank You very much :-)

  3. Love it all. You talk about it as if it was all effortless. Ahhh.... I have a couple questions. Where did you get the VOGUE, etc., print? Did you make it? If so, how? Also...what do you call this "style" of decorating? I'm so in love and trying to transition to it....but I like to name things. =) Thanks so much!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Robin! The prints I got from Etsy a while back but I'm sure you can find some now that are similar. Those are really common so I'm sure you'll find some that you like :)
      As far as style, I don't really have a name for it. But if I had to name it I guess it would be modern chic!

  4. Hi! I just discovered your blog today via Instagram and I really love your style! Your office is amazing and really a great source of inspiration for me. Could you please share what gold paint you used for the ikea desk legs and where you got the gold desk handles? I would really appreciate it! Can't wait for your next post. ;)

    1. Hi Leslie the paint color I used for the feet is Rust-Oleum metallic gold. And the handles are from ikea. They're plastic and super affordable. I just spray painted them.
      Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I don't know what happened with my blog but it wasn't informing me of messages I received

  5. Love all the beautiful gold details here! I'd love a room like this.

    1. Thank you for you comment and stopping by my blog ! 😉

  6. - Self help was helpful to say the least! The service is quick, professional, and most importantly, reliable was a little difficult, but we got it done. It was a good experience on the whole.

  7. Love that rotary phone! I am so jealous that you found that at a garage sale. Your style is fabulous. I'll be following along from now on!

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