Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Hi everyone! Now I can finally say it's summer. lol.
What a week. Between my daughter looking for her wedding dress for her city hall wedding and me taking care of her dog it's been crazy! She was in San Francisco for one of her friends' weddings so I had to babysit her puppy and let me tell you he is not a puppy. Omg he's huge!

Okay that's enough complaining for now. :)
Today I'm excited to be sharing with you all my new comforter from UNDER THE CANOPY. It's a home collection line very well known for their organic products. Under the Canopy home collection is sold at Bed bath & Beyond.

Let me tell you a little about this company that I love so much. Under the Canopy bedding is free of pesticides, GMO's and harmful chemicals such as heavy metals, bleaches and formaldehyde. They are 100% organic which I love because it's important to me to do your part and what better way to do it then in your own home. When I am buying bed sheets, towels, or comforters, I always make sure that it's good quality even if I have to spend a little more.

This line is simple which is what love. My comforter is blue with butterflies. It's so cute I love it.
Buy it here. I hope you enjoy my bedroom and let me know what you think. If you get a chance, stop by Bed Bath & Beyond and check out the new line to see what they offer. Oh I almost forgot to tell you, it's reversible! You can turn it around and it's a different color, just like if you had bought two for the price of one. Isn't that fantastic?
Lamps, Garden stool, acrylic tray, Black polka dot notebook, and jewelry box from Homegoods





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