Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Let me star off by saying that my master bedroom was a little dark and not cherry enough for the
bright summer weather. This beautiful California summer inspired me to make a change and add a little more color to my fall-toned bedroom. Switching up the color scheme from chocolate brown to a brighter color changed my bedroom completely. I bought a new white comforter and curtains that would allow more sunlight in. After that I had to add a little color and wen for a pretty bright color. I also change the night stand and those were the only changes I made, because I don't want to replace the entire bedroom.
I would love to replace the headboard for something  white but just can't let go yet since it was part of my first bedroom set purchased after I got married. Let me know what  you guys think of the change! I am going to work on painting the walls and am going for a black and white color scheme for a change. I have so many ideas but I am pretty satisfied with the end result! I think it looks gorgeous.  

                                       You should always have fresh flower in your bedroom

Curtains: Ikea $24.99
Couch: Home goods $299.99
Night stand: Tj maxx $ 149.99
Letter: Home goods $24.99
Watch: Home goods $16.99
Lamps: Target (about 5 years ago)
Cushion: Home goods $16.99
DKNY Comforter: Home goods $ 79.99
Sheets: Home goods $ 39.99
Rug: Ikea $ 9.99
Calvin Klein Candle: Home goods $ 9.99
Flower vase: $ 9.99


  1. Its beautiful. Im inspired to do some of your ideas in our new home. I cant wait we get keys next week. If I email you some pictures would you mind giving me some ideas? Thanks Lori

    1. Thank you so much! Yes you can definitely send me some pictures and I will help in any way I can. Congrats on your new home. It's an exciting time!

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  3. Hi Lizbeth happy Sunday. Lizbeth you just don't know how you inspire me so much I take alot of your ideas and put it into my home but I need help with my living room and my dining room if you can please please help me I'm screaming for help with my living room I started out good but I think I'm off my path so if you could please please help me I appreciate it

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