Friday, April 26, 2019


When I saw this piece at an estate sale I immediately got to thinking about what I could do with I, because I was fascinated by it. That day everything was 50% off as it was the 3rd day of the sale. For those of you who don’t know, estate sales usually begin Fridays and end Sunday. The things that have not sold by Sunday, are always put on 50% off clearance. Lucky for me no one seemed to be interested in the piece! I saw potential in it the moment I saw it. I knew exactly what I wanted it for and I only paid $50.00 for it! When I saw it I immediately thought a bar cart would be perfect as I like to think outside the box and be a little different. I’ll leave you all with this work of art! LOL. At least that’s what it is to me and I’m so happy with the end result!

As you can see, the back part had tile that wasn’t too pretty so I had to replace it. This tile is Peel and stick and I found it on amazon. What would we do without amazon now a days right? This new tile is like plastic but it looks like real tile. It’s super cute and it’s so easy to cut and stick. 

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but lately tile with gold grout is super trendy. I personally love it and it gave me the idea on how I wanted my bar cart. It’s beautiful as is but I wanted to give it a different style and look at how amazing it turned out! I used 
Oil based metallic paint marker  which I got at Hobby Lobby

Let’s talk about the Handles. These are also from Hobby Lobby. I saw them and I knew they were perfect to give it that modern touch I needed. The original handles were cute but they were broken and needed to be changed out anyways. These new handles cost me $9.99 a piece. 

The marble piece I thought about replacing because it was old and dirty. However, with just a little cleaning it looks brand new and I didn’t have to spend money on a new one.  

To make it more modern I decided to add this Lamp I found at Target along with some accessories. These antique vases where my moms and she’s had them since I was a baby. So you can imagine how old they are, LOL! On the bottom part I put wine and wine glasses in the door. The drawer is used for wine toppers and wine openers. Ready for anything! 

Added some gold touches to give it that elegant touch I love. For the legs, I used gold paint I got from Hobby Lobby

I hope you all enjoyed this DIY and I’ll be back with more. I’ll talk to you all soon!


  1. Wow! You’re always creating stuff! Super cute

  2. Wow this is such an amazing Transformation and piece. You made it beautiful once again!

  3. Wow what a transformation! It looks beautiful

  4. Beautiful !!! Absolutely love it ��

  5. so pretty! love the color! Can I ask where you got the calendar from? love it!

  6. You did an amazing job, you always do. You have such a creative eye.

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