Sunday, October 28, 2018


When I started to decorate this house, I already knew what I wanted to do with it. Leslie is in love with the color pink and I wanted to make sure to incorporate it in the decor as much as possible. The first thing I did was try to give the bedroom a different touch then the last. The wall is the only thing that didn't make the pink cut but I wanted it to be something different that people would talk about. The color I chose is ( Blackboard ) by Joanna Gaines. It's a black color that has hints of blue, really beautiful. 

The house is a rental as most of you know, but the landlord knows I'm an interior designer and gave me the green light to do what I think is best. I've always said if you're going to live in a place for a couple of years or longer, you need to make it a place you'll love. You don't need to spend much to make a house your home. With just a few different changes is enough and you'll be sure to love your new home. I'll leave you with a before picture and I hope this will give you all some inspiration for your next bedroom!

The headboard was originally white and I wanted to give it a different look. I decided to go with the pink theme and upholstered it with some cute pink fabric. Here's how it looked before.

The curtains are a simple, crisp white and I decided to add black pompoms along the edges to give it a feminine touch.

The nightstand I found at Homegoods. I painted the drawers to have it stand out more and I think it turned out great! Pink rug from Ikea

This Pink chair from World Market is the perfect complement to this room. It's a mid century style and the color is perfect for this project.

Leave me your comments or any questions you may have below. I'll be sure to respond as soon as possible! I'll see you next time with more on the pink dream home as it unfolds! Be sure to keep a look out for the next post!


  1. Please please link this nightstand if you can! Or at least tell us the brand name!!! I am obsessed!

  2. I love the pink headboard against the dark wall, the stripy bed 'skirt' and the pom pom lined curtains! Where is the black and white striped bed 'skirt' from?

  3. In a few circumstances the finish of the bed raises and this can help patients who experience the ill effects of leg issues. The majority of these beds come as single beds.


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