Saturday, October 28, 2017


Hey friends, it's been a long time that I've written but here I am! I really need to spend more time on my blog! For now, let's move on to a different subject.

As many of you know, my daughter is almost giving birth to her first baby boy who will also be my first grandson! I'm so excited and I absolutely can't wait to meet him. Not too long ago, I threw her a baby shower. It was a little late and I was hoping she wouldn't go into labor before then. Thank goodness she made it to the baby shower and she still hasn't given birth! I think it's because she looks so beautiful pregnant she wants to stay this way and become a pregnant model! LOL.

Let's talk about the decorations shall we? The colors I decided to use were blue and white. However, since I'm not very traditional I didn't want to use the typical decor everyone uses. I wanted to add different colors to it and I didn't opt for the baby blue. Instead I went for a darker blue. I added my touch of fabulous like I try to do with all my decor!

Flowers are always important as they change everything for the best. In this case I bought blue and blush colored flowers for a delicate and sweet touch. I filled the vases with green leaves so they looked more full and I didn't have to spend much on flowers. This is a great tip for anyone looking to save a bit of money! Fill the vases up with greenery bought from the store or even picked from your garden or backyard. Next, add some flowers and you'll see how beautiful it turns out. People will even think you purchased them from a florist!

The table setup was simple yet elegant. White plates and white napkins that I customized with pom-poms. I thought it gave it a sweet touch which is perfect for a baby shower. I just bought the napkins at the store and added the pom-poms to the bottom part and they looked amazing!
I found these sweet cards at HomeGoods and I thought they would be great to add to the top of the plates as decor. I decided to add a blue ribbon to them to finalize the look!

I wanted to give a huge thanks to Carol from Opulent Treasures for sending me these beautiful chandeliers! What can I even say? WOW they are absolutely my favorite! To purchase these you can click HERE. They're currently on sale too! Go take advantage now and get some for your next event. When I got my first one, I knew I had to use them for the baby shower. She sent me a gold and a silver one to see which one I liked more. Since it's going to be a boy, I thought silver would be more appropriate. They're gorgeous and make everything look so much more beautiful and elegant. I also have the Gold chandeliers and I absolutely love them.

These cake stands from Opulent Treasures are always used at my events. Not only are they beautiful but they're super affordable and look fantastic. At the baby shower, I used the white ones in different styles and sizes. You can see them here. They come in sets of 3 and I think they're a great idea as you can use them for different desserts and they're sure to wow your guests. Many of you know that I love anything Opulent Treasures! Carol makes magic when it's time to design her products and you can tell she does it with love! Thanks again to Opulent Treasures for being a part of this project!

I put these these clear milk glass bottles that you could find at any craft store and added some straws for guests to use for drinks. You can find these straws at any party supply store.

Sparkling water and water bottles are a great idea for your guests. You can purchase any bottles from your local grocery store and just remove the labels. I had these labels specially made for the baby shower on Etsy. I'll link them below so you can buy some for your next event. 

The dessert table was my favorite. But who doesn't like dessert? I sure do! This is where I decided to put the cake and add the rest of the desserts all around. I made the cake myself and that saved me a lot of money. For the decor, I made it up myself and I think it turned out great! If you want to save yourself some money, you can buy a plain white cake if you can't make it yourself. This way you can add any decorations you want to it. It can be things like flowers or small toys, anything you can think of. In this case, I added a blue ribbon to the outside and tied it off with a bow. I went for a white giraffe and some white gum balls. Let's not forget the flowers! These are faux flowers that I had purchased at Ikea. In person they look natural and no one would even know they're fake!

I gave myself the task of learning to make a balloon arch and I think I got it down pretty well. I might have to write a post on this as it was a fun and fascinating project that you can use for any event. Balloons are an important part to any party and reunions these days. I decided to add balloons to the outside of the door and I dragged it down to where the A/C is. I wanted to make sure to add enough balloons to cover the A/C. In the end, the A/C was covered and the balloons look like they were professionally done. It was one of my favorite projects!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas for your next celebration! I was extremely happy with the results and my daughter loved her special day. Now it's time to wait for the little bean to make his appearance and we're all anxiously awaiting him here!

Thanks for visiting my blog and be sure to leave any questions and/or comments below! I'll answer them as soon as I can. I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you next time!


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