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Happy end of the week! I hope it hasn't been too hot for some of you because it's been crazy here in California! It's been extremely hot and the next day it's raining.
California dreaming!!

In this post, i'll be showing you how I transformed my home with these door knobs from 
Nostalgic Warehouse and Grandeur Hardware. I was on the hunt for something beautiful, elegant, and at a good price. Suddenly I saw the door knobs by Nostalgic Warehouse and Grandeur Hardware and I completely fell in love! They're super elegant (or should I say glamorous) and I've always said that the smallest changes make the biggest difference. Details are always important to me. I bought this home years ago but I did not reside in it right away. I was renting it out and at times it was vacant. Only 5 years ago, we came back and decided to finally move in. I gave myself the task of remodeling it little by little. I ordered some new doors and honestly knobs make the biggest difference. They make the doors look expensive and in reality they're not. Little by little my home is transforming and i'll be adding all the details as I go.

This knob (Fifth Avenue C Grip Complete Handle Set in Timeless Bronze Finish) by Grandeur Hardware for the front door is absolutely gorgeous. The knob I had before was a standard knob you purchase at hardware stores which aren't very elegant and cheap. After adding this knob it gave my entryway the elegance I had been looking for. I couldn't be happier! It's very important to me that my entry way looks good. Reason being is that when you have guests over, that's the first thing they see. They'll see all the little details you put into your work and it's simply beautiful.


This was the first knob I got from Nostalgic Warehouse   and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I think that would happen to anyone who purchases it. It's like jewelry for your door. I got this one in the polished brass because I wanted to paint my door a darker color and I wanted the knob to stand out as it's the guest bathroom. The color I used for the door is Graphite by Benjamin Moore. This oval crystal handle is the perfect touch to give a great impression. Don't you think? My favorite part is that they're super simple to install which means anyone can do it!

Let's talk about the pink door. Yes, it's pink! It's not a dramatic, standout pink but it's the perfect rose color (Rose Bisque by Benjamin Moore). Now a day things are different. We don't need to have the plain white door. Now it's all about accessories. Don't stop yourself if you feel like you want to paint your door pink or any other color at that. It's better to say you at least tried it and did or didn't like it! This door knob (Fifth Avenue C) is the perfect knob and gives a beautiful contrast against the door. What I like the most about Grandeur Hardware is that you can customize your knobs and you have a great selection to choose from. They'll even show you then and there what your final product will look like. That's cool right? They're geniuses!

Seriously I am in love with these knobs by Nostalgic Warehouse. 
These are the Studio Short Plate with Oval Clear Crystal Knob in Timeless Bronze Finish. Just look at the way it transforms my home. A complete change to a simple door. I am OBSESSED with these crystal knobs. They are simply spectacular. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and you think about the small details that make a big difference in your decor. Be sure to stop by Nostalgic Warehouse and Grandeur Hardware to order your knobs and I assure you that you will be just as happy as I am!


Oval Clear Crystal Knob in Timeless Bronze :NOSTALGIC WAREHOUSE

Oval Clear Crystal Knob in Timeless Polished Brass: NOSTALGIC WAREHOUSE


Vacant-Engaged Bathroom Door Lock indicator : AMAZON

Toilet gold plate :  EBAY


White frames : IKEA 


  1. Hi Liz, so beautiful. Did you install the door knobs yourself?

    1. Hi Jewell,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog! I installed the first handle as it doesn't have a lock. The ones with lock my husband installed. I watched him and saw that the installation is super simple. It's so worth it as it looks amazing!

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  4. Great You're joyful

    I've got one myself because like 10 decades. I like it as well, not modded as yours however.

    At this time it does not function, it chokes if warm. Brought into a neigbour of mine and that he will get a deeper look at it.

    It feels like a few have had trouble with the automatic decompression valve, so does yours have this?

    Enjoy an excellent day!

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