Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Who doesn't spend most of their time in their yard during the summer? I'm one of those people! My husband is a big fan of barbecuing during the summer. He wants to make everything outside, any excuse to cook. Well, I'm not complaining! 
That's why I figured it was time to take out all of my outdoor furniture, plus it stopped raining a bit. Then I thought that this needed to be an extension of my house to the yard.

As you can see, I used an  IKEA  table so it wouldn't be a typical patio table. The seats are wicker which is very sturdy. Did I mention they're like 8 years old and still look the same? I love their style, they're very cozy. The pillows are made with outdoor fabric so they're more durable towards the sun and elements. With just a bit of decorations the patio will be ready for the summer! 

The lights are a very important part in the decor because they give a touch of elegance and look super cute. My husband set them up for me and they look perfect! Everything is connected so I only need one cable to turn everything on all together. 

Hanging glass globes with candles inside is one of my favorite things I did. At night time, you can turn them on and they look super cool and romantic.


I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to see your comments below! If you have any questions let me know below and I'll be sure to answer ASAP! 


  1. Wow! really amazing! Really want such grand surroundings !
    So beautiful!

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