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Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a happy Tuesday!
It's almost time for summer.. wait is it summer already? I'm never sure when the seasons start, but what I am sure about is that it definitely feels like summer here, it's extremely hot! Yesterday went up to more than 100 degrees and today it will be at about 97 degrees. It sure is hot!

I wanted to welcome you all to my summer home tour. When summer rolls around, I am inspired to use vibrant colors so it feels like summer inside my home. I love this time of year because the days are much longer, it starts getting dark around 9 PM. You can do so much more throughout the day, like go out for a walk in downtown or even ride your bike. Tons of things to do in the summer! I am not able to do much anymore due to my back injury as most of you know. It's very difficult for me to walk for long periods of time or even be on a bike. I miss doing what I loved the most which was going for a run in the crisp morning air. I would get up at 6 AM because going out in the afternoon around 6 PM, the sun was way too hot to be out. It feels amazing going for a run in the morning. You get back home around 8 AM and you are ready to start your day.

For every season, I like to change the house up to coordinate with the season. I went to HOMEGOODS to find everything I needed to make my home summer ready. This year I'm using yellow as my touch of color. I love how yellow looks mixed in with black and white. Let me tell you a bit about the yellow glasses you will see in the photos. They are vintage from the 60's and I bought them a long time ago at a garage sale. That's why I love going to garage/yard sales, you find the most unexpected things. I really like these vases and they are gorgeous. I love incorporating vintage with modern.

With just a few simple changes in your home, you'll too be ready for the summer. Add some fun pillows in the color of your choice, don't forget the flowers, and if your budget allows a rug in a fun summer color. If you'd rather invest in a rug that you will not be changing for a while, go for a neutral color so it goes with everything you decide to add. Add a little bit of green in your kitchen like a plant, some fresh herbs (mint, oregano, etc) to bring some summer into your kitchen. It's pretty and it'll be ready for cooking!

I hope you enjoy my summer home tour & don't forget to check out my shop!





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