Saturday, May 2, 2015


Do you think that paying $99.95 for the fight tonight is fair? That's what Mayweather is saying; he says we decide what's fair.

This fight is the one that has earned more money in this country then any in history you could say. Mayweather who could win 180 million dollars for this fight says this is one of the most exciting fights ever.

He says the price of the fight is not overpriced, because the fans like me, have been waiting 5 years for this fight. If this doesn't go down as the fight of the century, it will definitely be one of the best in history. For me, this isn't the fight of the century as there will always be a better one to come after.

 Manny Pacquiao looks very relaxed and ready for this fight, however, Floyd looks a little more serious. Maybe even worried. He says he's not worried just happy, just yesterday he made 15 million dollars. Well with that kind of money even I would be happy, bring on the punches.

With the Mexican Flag

The American came out Tuesday dressed in a t-shirt with the Mexican flag. Is that a sign of disrespect? That's what I was asking myself. I did my investigation in regards to this and this is what I found. Specialists say, in order for this to be a sign of disrespect, the authorities would have to decide that. And then ask the United States government to recommend to the boxer to not wear these types of logos, as he may be disrespectful. They could fine him for using the logo, if they find this as an infraction.

Floyd has tried to have a relationship with the Mexican fans. He has designed his logo with the Mexican flag. He has walked up to the ring with a sombrero. He said he has many reason to love Mexico. One being that the lady who take care of his house for 15 years she's Mexican. Also, he says Sr. Rafa Garcia who is his trainer, is like a grandfather to him whom he loves very much; he is also Mexican. He has said in many occasions that he loves Mexico but that's not what it looked like last time he was on Aztec land during the presentation for THE ONE. He was there for barely a couple of hours and then took off on his flight to the United States.

I grew up watching boxing with my father. He would watch it every Sunday and sit there for hours and that always seemed more interesting to me then going outside to play with my friends. I was only 5 years old. The same seemed to happen with soccer.

I hope you all enjoy the fight, I know I'm ready for it! What do you guys think? Do you think paying that price is fair.


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