Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hope everyone is having a great day!  I know it's been a while since I've posted anything but I'm back!  I missed posting but sometimes other things take up most of your time and you forget!  It shouldn't be like that because we should always find time for things we enjoy right?  Today we are going to talk about gallery walls in your home.  I will be giving you some tips on how to create the perfect gallery wall that everyone will be talking about.  First decide what you would like in your gallery.  You can use art, old pictures, family pictures, or a mixture of all.  You can find old frames at thrift stores, flea markets, or vintage stores.

Let your imagination take over. When you have your art ready, my recommendation is to lay them on top of a large piece of paper and trace the frames; cut out.  If you're going to be using frames of all the same sizes then you don't need to do this.  Once all your traced out frames are cut out, tape them on the wall the way that you like.  This way you can give yourself an idea of what it will look like without making holes in the wall in case you want to move things around.  Play around until you get your desired look.  Another thing you can do is lay all the frames on the floor and arrange them to desired look. Take pictures of the frames on the floor once you are done so you can get a better look of what it will look like on the wall.

Creating a gallery wall in your house doesn't have special instructions. I know some people get a bit intimidated doing this, but the best thing to do is just let your creativity flow and in the end you will love your results. Good luck! Be sure to send me pictures of your gallery wall when you are finished! Leave any comments below they are always appreciated!

On this gallery wall what I did is blow up one big picture and cut it up for multiple frames.  My frames are all 8x10. If you buy the poster online they give you the option on the size you want.  Mine is 32x30.  When I got it delivered to my home, I got put it on the floor and with the cardboard that usually comes behind the frame, I traced the pictures to see were I was going to be cutting the poster. In the end it came out to 12 pieces. It's like a puzzle.

Gallery wall for a big hallway.


Another great tip is cutting up shopping bags from stores you like. Some examples are Victoria Secret, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, etc. You can put them on your gallery wall or in your room. If you have a big closet you can also make a gallery wall in there.



  1. I love the 12 piece gallery wall. Do you have any tips on how to hang them evenly?

  2. I love all these that you posted I have everything ready for my gallery wall but did not know where to start now I have an idea! Xo ty!

  3. Hi there! Can you recommend a place to do the large poster printing as in the 12 frame gallery wall? My husband and I want to put something like this together for our home very soon! Thanks!

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