Thursday, July 10, 2014


Organizing your closet and your bathroom. Yes this post is all about organization! I am an organization freak! My closet and bathroom are not very big in my house so I have to make do with what I got. It's a bit of a change being as the closet in my previous home looked more like a bedroom! I miss it so much! And don't get me started on the bathroom... I wish to have that old room back! But since the economy went down we had to sell the home and move into our other smaller house. But smaller home means smaller bills! Anyways, back to the topic!
Like I was saying, my closet is not very big so I try to have the most important things showing and in reach. When you don't have a lot of space and you don't organize, you start putting stuff away in different areas of your room and then you don't even remember what you have. That's why I say it's always good to have the most important things you use in plain sight. You don't have to have much to have good style! Try cleaning your closet at least once a week. If that's too much go for once a month. If you have stuff that you don't use or something that you haven't worn in at least a year you most likely will never use it again. Try donating them to someone in need! So let's get to it ladies!

I bought these shelves at Home Depot. They are easy to put up. I had an empty wall in my closet and I decided to display my shoes using these shelves.

                        Always have all your scarves in view so you can just grab one and go.

These jars come in handy for organizing your bathroom apart from being super cute!

A clear jewelry box is a great alternative to the basic ones so you can see all your goodies!

I try to keep all my hats and purses that are used often in sight so I can find them easily.


                  Clear boxes bought at THE CONTAINER STORE to organize my makeup.

My bathroom drawers are organized with the things I use the most like watches, bracelets, rings, nail polishes, and glasses. Everything is always in sight!



  1. I need this organization in my life.looks so good in their. You did great in keeping everything visible and organized. Love it!!!

    1. gracias angie, trato de tener todo visible siempre. Gracias por visitar mi pagina, aprendiendo dia con dia con esto del blog.

  2. Love it! May I ask where you got your clear jewelry box from?

  3. thank you very much! the clear jewelry box is from @homegoods

  4. Wow! You have amazing taste, Lizbeth! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creations!

  5. Where did you get your white shelves with drawers that are in your closet?

    1. To be honest I don't Know. Went we got this house they were already installed. But I believe they are from Home Depot. Sorry I couldn't help you out whit that.


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