Thursday, July 3, 2014



Happy 4th of July weekend!
Are you getting ready for the weekend festivities? I am almost ready!
I made these super cute patriotic pillow covers to keep with the theme! Here I will show you how to make them, they are super easy! I had an extra flag and the idea just popped into my head. I went shopping for 4th of July items and I saw some super cute flag pillows. I wanted to buy them right away but I thought that this would be a fun DIY project that was easy and a lot less pricey!
That way I could save my money and spend it on other things! :)
You still have some time to make them before the 4th and you can always store them away until next years party.
I hope you all have a fun weekend with your family and friends and I'd love to hear about your festivities and if you tried out the flag pillow cases!
Lanterns and cake stand from HOMEGOODS

  Cut the star section in half

After cutting the star section in half, cut it all around the edges as shown above. If you have an extra pillow cover around, use it to measure out how big you want to make the pillow. 

When everything is cut, you start the sowing process. Start by sowing 3 sides of the pillow and leave the 4th side open so can put a zipper on it. That way it's easy to take on and off when need be.

Add your zipper and you are done! Super easy and they look super cute! Check out how I styled them below.

Xox, Liz


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