Thursday, June 26, 2014


I can't believe that I am finally done remodeling my guest bathroom! I took advantage of the fact that I am not feeling too sick and I had a little bit of time to myself. Having back pains is the worst! I have to take advantage of this time to blog and take pictures. The good thing is I have the best husband in the world who takes care of anything I need! Sometimes he'll joke around and ask when he's gonna get paid for all the work he does.
I seriously just need to say move this or move that and I can just sit back and watch him. LOL. When I'm feeling better I will be doing everything on my own! My poor husband one day I will pay him LOL.
So here are the pictures of my remodeled guest bathroom. We will also talk about everything you need to have in your guest bathroom. First things first, your guest bathroom always has to be clean! You never know when someone is going to stop by unexpectedly. The most important thing is to not forget the essentials in your guest bathroom.

This is the guest bathroom before. It wasn't too bad but when I moved back to this house after selling my previous one, everything was so quick and a blur. My husband asked what color I wanted for the bathroom and since we had to move so quickly I just said a neutral color (gray) and I would change it again later. I had just added green stripes to the walls.

This is the guest bathroom after. After 3 years I thought it was time for a change. I did the walls black and white because I love this classic color combination. I also painted the dark brown cabinets to white and added some crystal knobs to the doors cabinets and drawers. The perfect touch was the gold mirror to put it all together.

If you can or if your wallet allows, always have fresh flowers in your guest bathroom. It's a great welcoming feeling for your guests.

What do I need to have in my guest bathroom?
Hand soap, hand lotion, towels, and hairspray is always a must as well.
These handy storage boxes are from Ikea. They help keep everything organized.

Kotex? Yes, Kotex. Always have some in your guest bathroom because you will never know when someone is going to have an emergency and they will not want to tell you! So don't forget to keep a couple of these in the bathroom.

                                                         First aid kit for any emergencies.


Leave your comments below to let me know what you think! I hope this helped you all out! 

Lizbeth xox!


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    1. thank you very much Anita, muchas gracias (hugs)

  2. Classic! how thick are the stripes? thanks, Amy

  3. Love this room!! Please tell me how you measured stripes & paint color used. Thanks

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  5. Proper placement and putting the right thing Into your photo room divider will make it be a focal point in the room instead of looking like an afterthought.
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  6. Love love love it! I keep seeing your bathroom all over pinterest. I'm going to attempt to do this same look. Do you have a shower in this bathroom? Would love to get ideas on a shower curtain that goes well with this look. Also, do you have a DIY on how you painted the cabinets? I want to change my color as well!


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