Saturday, March 17, 2018


When the new year started I told myself I would keep my home more organized. However, as soon as the new year started it flew by and I couldn’t get started on all my projects.  I got hit with the flu back to back. As soon as I started to feel better, it was back. I was super frustrated and just ready to get back to work. Now I’m feeling much better and I’m taking everything head on. I feel reborn!

This closet was intended to be a coat closet but my husband added in these shelves for me. I decided to turn it into a storage closet for all those things you don’t want visible. 

Before I organized it, I had dishes and everything I would use for parties but it was all disorganized and jumbled up. 
I made a walk in pantry closet and that turned out amazingly organized. If you want to see more on that, check out the pantry walk in closet post  HERE.

Now this closet is super organized and I love it. I finally have the linen closet I’ve always wanted. Here in my house I don’t have sufficient space for everything so I have to get creative. When it comes to my sheets, towels, etc, I only have a limited amount of cabinet space and not everything fits. Now I have more space and the cabinets I use for strictly towels. 

I’m definitely making more space in my home and everything is fitting just like I like it. I’m so happy! I hope this post gave you some inspiration to do the same in your home and you’ll see how great it feels to have everything in your home nice and organized.

In this closet I have a majority of blankets and sheets for guests. Also towels, soaps, and a million pillow covers. It’s definitely a lot!

These baskets from Homegoods are so pretty and so convenient for storing all mi pillows.

This wallpaper was recycled from another room, its removable. I love how it looks in the linen closet and I didn't have to spend on another.

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